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maybe guigui listened to fortune teller, so she changed the script to give WZ hints about her feeling? it made WZ smiled and then xiaojie comforted WZ that guigui will always be his.i forgot to forward that post so i don't have the original one posted. @Bibi_love You know I love Gui Gui a lot and I totally adores her. But from what I´ve noticed from following her and Aaron etc for years, is she´s really not active in the "ship" with Aaron.It´s always he who shows interest in her BTS or when he´s asked on shows etc, he´s very open/verbal about his positive liking to her.Maybe there´s some sincerely/truth in what she said in the drama-script since she changed it out of the blue? both of them have grown to be so beautiful and handsome! but like babypalm1 said, no matter how it turns out in the end, i will always support guiwang even as lovers or close friends. [email protected]: i think the second show recorded first.She did look a little bit down/hurt, but we don´t know if it´s acting or truthfully "/ Idk, I just thought maybe this connect to the dating-scandal w/Rainie Yang? i don't really understand what they said but maybe about guigui loves someone, but he doesn't know.But I´m sure the two shows are recorded closely next to each other, because of how her hair was and her weibo updates etc.So my theories are if it´s WZ Gui Gui talked about in 2nd video, could it be recorded after she meet with him on the new years show.I want to hear others peoples opinion on this @babypalm1: i'm more than happy to let u post it. and from what i read on weibo, the song WZ danced to is 2pm I'll be back. and she thinks maybe he already has someone in his heart?

Lo L Hopefully They Have A Drama Together And Maybe They Will Finally Get The Kiss We've Been Waiting For!!!! It's been a very long time and things have changed a lot I see. After Guigui heard about the news, she said, “Thank you to everyone for liking us. but at least we knew that Daya watched that and Andy ge commented about guigui being a beautiful bride before, so I was quite sure that it's possible for wangzi to watch it. Even though the situation between North and South Korea is tense right now, but the filming of the show is still proceeding as per normal. I heard her WGM episode ranked in really high rating etc. I wonder if Blackie will tease her if he sees her on WGM now x D ★ [News] Guigui Defend Her Love ! Unwilling to Disrupt Sweet Life Wu Ying Jie (Guigui) and 2PM’s Ok Taecyeon are featured in Korea’s “We Got Married (Global Edition)” as a newly married young couple.So I think we get the message anyways It´s really crazy how much they´re shipped overseas and in China.You know the comment page have almost 2000 posts and it´s still growing.

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