Updating database with datagrid in

Relationships are also exposed as properties; for example if a document is related to a contact by a Created By relationship, then the document will have a Created By property.

When it is accessed, the relationship is traversed and the related data returned.

The attributes can be recognizable by either the file system natively, or via some extension.

Desktop search applications take this concept a step further.

This allows files to be searched for by their attributes, in ways not possible using a folder hierarchy, such as finding "pictures which have person X".

This allows for searching based on both the file's attributes and the data in it.

However, this still does not help in managing related data, as disparate items do not have any relationships defined.

When an application wants to use a Win FS type, it can use the schema to find the data structure and can use the information.

So, an application has access to all data on the system even though the developer did not have to write parsers to recognize the different data formats.

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