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“Yes, other levels of independent reviews as described in the draft regulations would be cheaper, but they do not provide any form of assurance whatsoever,” he says.

A recent survey in the UK showed that of those companies exempt from being audited, some 80% chose to have their financials audited anyway.

Theashen Ashley Vandiar, project director, auditing and members’ advice, at the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants (SAICA), explains that depending on the size of assets and turnover, a company subject to an independent review may be required to: On the one hand, the independent review could work out to be cheaper and less time-consuming and for these reasons has been welcomed by many small companies.

An audit involves substantive procedures and requires the services of a registered auditor instead of an accounting professional.

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An independent review thus results in only limited assurance being expressed by a practitioner,”says Vandiar.

A review may also not necessarily be quicker or cheaper, he adds.

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