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In English, a gerund is a ferb ending in "ing." In our German accent, vee vill copy and say zees endings as "ink." In zis example, "ending" is seen and hear as "endink" and "spinning" is "schpinnink."It adds a fery schpecial touch if you heafily aspirate zee "k" at zee end. If you mean does the letter "r" remain the same in the accent then I can say there are a couple of ways you can play this. But later you say "muscht" and "inschtance", so does that mean it's not just words that starts with those sounds? In Englisch, zee imperatif mood of a ferb contains an underschtood "you." For inschtance, "Go to the store" is underschtood as "You go to the store" and "Listen! " Unless zee ferb already ends in "en" (like listen), vee muscht add an "en" to zee end of zee ferb. Thank you again Ich bin deutsch und das ist unglaublich genau, wie wir klingen, während wir Englisch sprechen. Translation: I am German and that is incredibly accurate to how we sound while speaking English. But seriously man, you pointed out things that I didn't even catch even when I'm German myself! In a period of a few decades, the German language underwent phonotactic change from trilling/rolling the "r" to more of an flip. A couple questions - for rule 5, you said it's words that START with the sh sound get changed. Zese vords are fery common like "stop," "stay," and "store." Zey vould be pronounced "shtop," "shtay," and "shtore," respectifely.Zere are some shpecific pronunciation for zees vords, as vell, and are cofered in zee next section. My other question is how would you say the word "sorry".e’re excited to see how communities on Slack are steadily growing day by day.People from different countries and backgrounds discuss a various range of topics in these communities.In German, the letter "w" is pronounced as a "v," as in "was" or "wehrmacht." Carry this over into your English for a significant impact.Vat this does is start to add a Germanic flavor to your speaking.

"Oven" is written and heard as "ofen" and "very" is "fery." Are zere ozer vords zat start vis or contain "v" zat you can sink of? Pay special attention to vords zat start vis "st" and "sp."Zere are some vords zat start vis "sp" like "spin" and "spot." Vords like zees zat start vis "sp" should be typed "shp" so it vould be "shpin" and "shpot," respectifely.Gehe durch eine große Anzahl von Räumen und entdecke die vielen Spielereien.Gründe deinen eigenen Schulclub und teile deiner Club-Gruppe und allen aus der Anime Academy deine Interessen, Neuigkeiten und mehr!The voiced "th" is found in words like "this," "that," "another," and "those." The unvoiced version is heard in words like "thing," "pith," and "thought."Using zis rule, "this" becomes "zis" and "that" becomes "zat." Using , "the" is "zee." Zis is anozer important rule.Zee vord "thought" becomes "sought" and "things" becomes "sings." Are you seeing how zis goes? Try to be mindful of zee times ven zee pronunciation is different.

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