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I actually got her latest CD in the mail from someone yesterday. But, she’s 15 years old and already has made more money than I probably ever will, and I find that commendable. In February 2008, Sevani was seen in the Touchstone Pictures dance play movie Step up 2: The Streets, the second part of the Step Up film sequence.The movie centered on a set of students who form a jazz group and fight on the streets.Critics praised Sevani’s presentation as Robert “Moose” Alexander III, for instance The New York Times, for portraying a nature who "might be the maddest nerd in film history”.

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A lot of information on his and his attractive biography can be grabbed from wiki sites like Wikipedia and IMDb.

According to insiders, he and his new girlfriend are very much in love Sevani, age 23, was born in California. He has one older brother named Vahe Sevani who used to be a member of the band NLT.

His parents owned a dance studio where Sevani learned to dance at a very young age. The actor earned his fame when he appeared in the hit dance movie Step Up 2, the second series of the hit movie Step Up, in 2008.

He is also involved in social networking sites like Instagram and Twitter.

He has a nice height of about 5 feet 7 inches, which is around 170cm.

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