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The Trevor Project specializes in suicide prevention for LGBT youth and offers a lifeline that people in the US can contact by calling 1-866-488-7386.The Trevor Project also offers resources for concerned friends and family members of LGBT youth.A legal adviser or victim advocate can help you gather evidence that can be used in a legal case or to get a restraining order, if necessary.Sharing nude photos or photos of a sexual nature is a violation of the Facebook Community Standards, so the simplest answer you can give someone is, “No.It’s not allowed on Facebook.” But beyond Facebook, it’s important to think about how it would impact you if nude or sexual photos of yourself got out of your control. Sometimes friends make mistakes, play stupid jokes or act in anger and share things they shouldn’t. If you’re under the age of 18, it’s especially important for you to know that sharing nude or sexually explicit images of minors — on the web, on mobile phones, by mail or any other way — is illegal in most countries and could have serious legal and life-changing consequences for both the creator of the images and anyone who requests them.The safest thing you can do is never send nude photos — or anything else you wouldn’t want other people seeing — to anyone, even if you feel very close to the person asking for them.If someone is controlling or monitoring your activity on Facebook, you have options.

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You can visit the Facebook Community Standards to learn more.Learn more about what to do if someone is threatening to share things you want to keep private.Keep in mind that Facebook is a place to connect with friends and family you know and trust.It’s hard to make a good decision when you’re upset or confused, so you should be as clear as possible in your own mind about what is and isn’t in your own interests.If you need help with this, talk to someone you trust like a close friend, family member or counselor.

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