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All other Orlando venues have a small covered area we can use for your ceremony in case of rain.The best way to avoid rain during our rain season (June - September) is to schedule a morning ceremony. Do we meet before the ceremony or can we meet up in person to discuss our ceremony? You will meet us for the first time the day of the ceremony, a few minutes before we start.From Miami to Seattle and Boston to San Diego—and at all of our Loews destinations in between—we’re bringing the local food scene to you, right here at our hotels, by partnering with some of our favorite neighborhood food and drink artisans.

In addition, the day of your ceremony, the coordinator will send you a text, so that you can contact her on her cell phone if you need to talk to us right away. If you are renewing your vows, please discount the license fee (0) from the package price. Do I need a Florida marriage license to get married in Florida? You get a marriage license at the State you are getting married at, no matter where you live. For other Countries, please contact your local registrar for details.Our brand later evolved specializing in beach weddings for a few years (Beach Weddings in Florida), and in 2014 we decided to arrange elopements only in the Orlando area.For the past 13 years we’ve had the privilege and honor of celebrating love with more than 1,500 couples from around the world!We are published professional photographers, certified wedding planners, parents to four beautiful girls and two spoiled dogs.We started our wedding company in 2004 as Florida Wedding Services.

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